October 2020




Volunteers faithfully serving at CVCCS

Staff and Volunteers Serve Throughout COVID Pandemic

While the COVID pandemic prompted the closure of many businesses and services, CVCCS staff and volunteers have worked faithfully to keep operations running to the best of their ability while following safety guidelines. Committed to serving those in need, the food bank remained open throughout all phases of the pandemic with some modifications. While the clothing bank was temporarily closed due to gathering restrictions, volunteers and staff were still busy working behind the scenes to safely sort and changeover clothing to prepare for the upcoming colder months. We are happy to announce that the food and clothing banks are open and we are accepting clothing donations.

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CVCCS Receives Infrastructure Grant; Purchases Refrigerated Box Truck


Refrigerated Box Truck Purchased by CVCCS Using Infrastructure Grant


One of the blessings of the COVID crisis has been the states’ increased awareness of the needs and services in our communities. This awareness prompted an increase in available grant monies. CVCCS applied for and was awarded an infrastructure grant from the state. The grant money was used to purchase a refrigerated box truck, which will be used to pick up products and donations that may not have been able to be picked up previously. In addition, the refrigeration will be especially useful when transporting cold lunch items to outdoor sites during the Summer Lunch program.

We would like to personally thank Four Way Auto for working with CVCCS on the purchase of the truck. A special thank you to John High at Feedmobile for the installation and modification of the lift gate and to Cassel team for the CVCCS logo wrap on the truck. We are also grateful to Lapp electric for running an additional electric line and outlet for the truck to be plugged in while parked in our lot. We are very excited to use this box truck to better serve our clients and community.