Our Mission

We provide food, clothing, mentoring, & ministry in the Name of Jesus Christ for our struggling neighbors to sustainably improve their standard of living. We fulfill this mission with integrity and credibility while protecting the dignity of those we serve without discrimination. CVCCS is a faith based 501c3 non-profit organization.

Our History

The story of CVCCS began when a man struggling with homelessness sought refuge from the freezing Pennsylvania winter temperatures inside a Leola church. The Pastor learned that homelessness and poverty were serious issues for many in our community.

Therefore, in 2010, The Conestoga Valley Ministerium (a coalition of local church Pastors) started CVCCS. CVCCS initiated with setting up several food and clothing banks at area churches. In 2014, seeing the need to consolidate services under one roof, CVCCS moved into the Lapp Electric Building on Gehman Lane in Lancaster. The goal was to be a one a one-stop-shop for those in need of food, clothing, and other social services.

At CVCCS, our hope for the Lancaster County community is to foster self-sufficiency and sustainability. We believe true compassion & charity offers those in need the opportunity to thrive through relationships and accountability. Whether we’re providing food, clothing, mentoring, financial assistance, or financial counseling, every ministry and program we offer centers around holistic & transformational charity.