Four steps to a successful food drive

1. Set dates

For the most success, we suggest holding the drive for at least five days, but be flexible with people who miss your original deadline. Before your drive begins, please contact CVCCS at 717-208-3711, ext.106 to alert us to your drive and what you will be collecting. At this time we can tell you what is needed the most in the food bank.

Tips for Holding a Healthy Food Drive.

2. Spread the word!

It doesn’t have to cost money to publicize your food drive! Post your announcement on your social media channels, email all of your friends, family, and co-workers, and hang up flyers in your church and community. It’s also a great idea not to go this alone and ask your friends to help you plan the drive. That way you can maximize your contacts and your ability to collect more.

3. Set up a drop-off point

Select one or more collection points and make sure your drop-off bin is sturdy cardboard or a deep bin of some kind. Of course, ask permission before placing your collection bin anywhere. And make sure you place signage on or near the collection point, so people know what to do and what is needed. Here are some ideas for collection locations: Local grocery store, church lobby, recreation center, etc.

4. It’s over. Now what?

Your collection deadline has come and gone, and you’ve waited a few more days for stragglers to donate their food. Now what? Now, contact Tom Brady, our Operations Director, at 717-208-3711 Ext.106 to schedule the delivery.