Back on Track assists hard-working families & individuals within the Conestoga Valley School District impacted by an UNAVOIDABLE financial hardship.

There are a growing number of people who have ‘fallen through the cracks’ of society, described as the “Working Poor.” They are living paycheck to paycheck and are barely getting by. As a result, it takes one sudden incident to send someone into a spiral of debt.

Back on Track provides ONE ON ONE coaching and limited, one-time, financial assistance to those who quality for the program. We seek to address immediate financial needs while encouraging, equipping, & empowering clients to self-sustainability.

In order to protect the dignity of our clients, we use careful discernment to differentiate between situations of RELIEF, REHABILITATION, & DEVELOPMENT.

First, relief is meeting an urgent need. It is temporary and not meant to be a long term solution. Tragically, in many charitable circles, most cases are treated as relief situations even if someone is not truly in need of relief. This creates a downward spiral of dependency.

Second, rehabilitation is helping someone “get back up” to a place of stability. Third, development is working with someone towards ongoing, long-term change. It’s getting them to a better position than before. Therefore, we give our clients the opportunity of being paired up with a mentor.

Each Back on Track client is a part of their own success story as we guide them to (or back to) a life of self-sustainability. We provide a HAND UP, not a HAND OUT.