Student Mentoring

On Tuesdays DURING the school day, we provide FREE mentoring to Smoketown Elementary School students in the Conestoga Valley School District at our facility. Our student mentoring ministry in partnership with Bible2School specializes in providing:

  • A fun & safe environment
  • Healthy relationships
  • Character development
  • Biblical teaching

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Weekend Blessings

CVCCS provides food insecure students in the Conestoga Valley School District with individualized bundles of food to take home for the weekends during the school year. Student’s and school leaders from the district team up with our staff and volunteers by coming to CVCCS each Tuesday morning to pack the bundles.

Each food bundle includes:

  • 2 Breakfasts
  • 2 Lunches
  • 2 Dinners
  • Snacks and drinks

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Summer Lunch Club

Our Summer Lunch Club is Wednesdays at Flory Park (416 Dohner Dr.), 11:30am-12:30pm, from June through August. The meals are free of charge and open to Kids 18 & under. We serve 1 on-site meal plus 2 additional meals to take home.

In alignment with our mission of providing holistic charity, not only do we provide meals for food-insecure kids during the summer, we also provide food for the soul as well. We partner with Good News Club and local churches to have fun games & activities, Bible studies, and the opportunity to make friends and form lasting relationships.

Backpacks & School Supplies

Before the start of every school year, we provide backpacks and school supplies to Conestoga Valley families in need. With every backpack provided, we empower students through our “Back Pack Give Back” initiative which encourages them to make a difference in the CV community by giving back.

Some of the ideas consist of: Donating old clothes, toys, or books they no longer need, doing an extra chore to help out at home, writing an encouraging note to a family member, teacher, or friend, and more! The Back Pack Give Back initiative teaches students the importance of reciprocity by giving back to their community.