Part-Time Student Ministry Director.

Salary: $17/hour | 4 + hours per week

Job Functions: Responsible for coordinating and running Rooted Afterschool Student Mentoring Ministry.

During the school year: (Rooted takes place on Tuesdays during the school year from 3-5pm; September to May)-

  • Introduce the weekly Bible Study at the beginning of each Rooted (each mentor does the full study with the students each week).
  • Communicate with mentors about Bible lesson before each Rooted.
  • Make sure any absent mentors are covered with substitutes.
  • Have necessary materials available, including snack (CVCCS provides food and drink for snack).
  • Check on any student absences with school(s) on Rooted days (and let mentor know if their student is out).
  • At end of Rooted year in May: Debrief with each mentor regarding how the year went with their student. Put together gift bags for mentors and students (via CVCCS supplies).

During summer months when school is not in session: (Responsible for planning for Rooted each upcoming year):

    • Choose student Bible study curriculum for each upcoming Rooted year.
    • Host 1 mentor orientation before school year starts (at CVCCS).
    • Contact students and mentors from previous year to see who is coming back for upcoming year.
      • Responsible for filling open mentor positions for non-returning mentors.
      • Manage student and mentor applications.
      • Coordinate substitute mentors in case fill-ins are ever needed.
      • Make sure all mentors have up to date PA Child Clearances.
    • Arrange transportation for students for the year ‘to’ and ‘from’ Rooted (we currently partner with a transportation company for getting students to CVCCS for Rooted and home after Rooted, unless parents pick up).
    • Fill any open student spots by communicating with guidance counselor(s)
    • Decorate Rooted room (at CVCCS); purchase supplies as needed (via CVCCS funds).
    • Arrange for volunteers to help with snack, games, and other activities as needed.
    • Craft welcome letter/phone call to families of Rooted students.

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