Hearts That Inspire

Hearts That Inspire

It all started when a young boy’s heart was moved by the growing epidemic of homelessness in our community. From there, Neal and Melissa Rice cultivated the vision of their son Hudson and an idea was born.

Hudson’s Toy Sale was held on October 2 and raised over an astounding $2,500. All proceeds were generously donated to CVCCS to help our neighbors in need. The Rice Family worked diligently, and even teamed up with local businesses for donations. What an incredible example how a fire can start with just a little spark.

If you are interested in doing a fundraiser for CVCCS, Hudson’s Toy Sale is a GREAT example to follow. We are so grateful for the Rice family as this fundraiser has inspired the many that have seen Hudson’s compassion on display.

In a world full of so much negativity these days, we are grateful that we can pause to celebrate a story of kindness, generosity, and inspiration! Our world could certainly use a few more Hudson’s!

Love in Christ,

Rev. Jon Barrett | Director