Churches needed for our Client Discipleship Ministry!

What is Connect?

  • A recent Harvard University study reveals the following regarding loneliness in America: 36% of respondents reported serious loneliness—feeling lonely “frequently” or “almost all the time or all the time.”
  • In an effort to fight loneliness, we give our clients the option of being paired up with a local church body that they can connect with. Additionally, many struggle with their self-worth and tragically suffer in isolation.
  • We’ve seen that most of our clients do not have a local church they call home. In fact, they are hesitant about attending church in general. We desire to remove that hesitancy by pointing our clients back to the loving arms of the body of Christ.

How does Connect work?

  • We present the option of Connect to our clients when applicable.
  • If a client is interested, we pass on their name, phone #, and email to a church nearest to them within our Connect church network.
  • Then, the church would start the Connect process:
    • Set up a time to meet, or personally invite them to church.
    • Get to know them.
    • Build a relationship.
    • Integrate them into the body of Christ.
  • Churches interested in being a part of our Connect Network please contact Jon Barrett, Executive Director of CVCCS @ 717-208-3711 x102 |