Want to do good for others? Consider cash instead of cans

During this crisis we know many people are feeling helpless and they want to take care of others. That is amazing! And that’s why we are so proud to serve in the Conestoga Valley Community. While donating extra canned goods and other items you have at home might seem like the best way to help families in need, actually the best way to support Conestoga Valley Christian Community Services is by donating money. Why?

We can turn your donated dollars into more meals!

Rather than paying retail prices, we are able to purchase food from the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank at pennies on the dollar. This means that every dollar that you donate you are able to put more meals on the tables of families than if you donated food that you purchased at the local grocery store.

Please consider a financial donation to CVCCS to help your neighbors who are struggling with food insecurity during this crisis. To donate to Conestoga Valley Christian Community Services, go to: https://cvccs.org/donate/

Thank you!