Be a Champion for Your Neighbors in Need!

Conestoga Valley Christian Community Services will once again participate in the Extraordinary Give on Nov. 22, 2019. This 24-hour giving marathon is an amazing way that area non-profits raise money and spread the word about the services we provide to the community.

Be a Champion for Good

We need our friends, volunteers, supporters, and donors to be our champions to spread the word about CVCCS during the weeks leading up to and on the day of the ExtraGive. It is super easy to do, and you’ll be sharing stories about the people we serve to illustrate the need in our community and how CVCCS helps people get back on their feet again.

Imagine this — a fisherman going out into the deep of the ocean and throwing his net into the waters and yielding a catch. That is you — you have a circle of influence whether you realize it or not. By leveraging your social media friends, your real-life friends, family, and co-workers, you will be casting your net into a sea of dozens if not hundreds of people who are hearing about CVCCS for the first time.

Champions don’t ask for money directly but rather they simply share posts, send emails, and talk to friends and family about why they support CVCCS. Tell them why you are involved, share a success story (we’ll provide those), and let them know that they can support CVCCS on Nov. 22 by going to

Join us for a kick-off party! 

Come for coffee and doughnuts on Saturday, October 19, from 10 to 11 a.m. to find out more about how you can help CVCCS reach our goals for the ExtraGive. We’ll also give you tips about leveraging your influence to promote CVCCS and, if you want to help us, we’ll provide you with the tools you’ll need to be successful.

You can also challenge others to be a champion for a friendly competition to see who can influence the most people to give to CVCCS on Nov. 22!