The effective poverty fighter understands the importance of developing trusting relationships with those in need.

Did you know that low-income adults are…

  • 27% more likely to be lonely.
  • 47% more likely to say they have no one to call in an emergency.
  • 20% more likely to say they have no close friends at all.

A post-pandemic Harvard University study revealed the following regarding loneliness:

How does Connect work?

In an effort to fight loneliness, we give our clients the option of being paired up with a local church body that they can CONNECT with:

  • We present the option of Connect to our clients when applicable.
  • If a client is interested, we pass on their name, current residence, phone #, and email to a church nearest to them within our Connect Church Network.
  • Then, the church starts the Connect process:
    • Set up a time to meet, or personally invite them to church or a church event.
    • Get to know them.
    • Build a trusting relationship.
    • Integrate them into the body of Christ.

If your church would like to partner with us to conquer loneliness:

If you are a CVCCS client struggling with loneliness:

  • Fill out the Connect Card below & we’ll have a local church within our Connect Church Network reach out to you.

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