Spiritual Food Friday 5/27/22

Jesus paid it ALL . . .

– Jesus paid it all for your salvation. Truth.
– Jesus paid it all for your glorification. Truth.
Therefore, Jesus paid it all for your past and future. But what about the present? Didn’t Jesus pay it all for your ‘right now’ as well?
Tragically, as believer’s we struggle so much with this truth… the right now. No, this doesn’t mean an elimination of all your trials. However, what it does mean is Jesus HIMSELF is enough for you, no matter what.
What if we believed and trusted that Jesus paid it all for our RIGHT NOW in the same way He did for our past and future? Faith is belief in His faithfulness not only for the past and future, but our present as well.
Jesus has given us His very Spirit in order to live out His Resurrected Life in and through us. Grasp that today… let Him… and experience His overwhelming victory on our behalf right now, on our way to heaven, not just when we get to heaven!