Nathan Village Meals

Program Overview:

Nathan Village is a housing community that consists of elderly and disabled residents. Most of the residents live alone and some are shut-ins with no means available to leave their apartment unless for medical needs. We supply a community meal once a quarter to meet and fellowship with the residents.

Calendar Timeline:

A minimum of one dinner is organized for the residents 4 times a year, usually done quarterly. We supply all paper products, and prepared food, as well as a drink. All meals must have management approval 4 weeks in advance and a flyer must be drafted, have management approval, and distributed 2 weeks in advance.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Organize a dinner for residents. Usually 50-65 residents will attend. Requires a 4 hour commitment for dinner, usually starting at 4:00pm and ending at 6:30pm. Supply fellowship, extra food to take home, and an ear to listen. Great for small groups, youth groups, and families. All ages are welcome.