Holiday Meal Giveaway

Program Overview:

LCoC donates meals to CVCCS at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter for needy families in the CV area.These boxes contain food. These meals are pre-packed and contain fresh and canned items as well as a ham or turkey. The referrals have come from the CVSD or CV Food Bank for the meals. Distribution has been at one of the churches in the ministerium. Some meal boxes will have to be delivered.

Volunteer Opportunities:

A distribution site to have meals so families can gather them. Individuals that can gather the food from LCoC. This usually is enough food to fill two large SUV’s and the items are heavy. Volunteers are needed to unload the items, and assist the families in loading the items in their car. Volunteers are needed to place reminder calls to families on pick up day. Have volunteers to fellowship with the families and offer prayer and an ear if necessary.

Calendar Timeline:

 Pick up time varies upon appointment scheduled.

Clients can gather items from the church during the agreed upon time set by the hosting church and CVCCS. Usually there is a three hour window.