Operation Christmas (Adopt a Family Program)

Program Overview:

This program matches a CV family with one that is experiencing homelessness to help provide a Christmas for their children. Families come in all sizes and we have 1 child homes to 10 children in one home. We will match you with a family that suits your financial and personal needs.

Calendar Timeline:

Referrals come from CVSD, CV Food Bank, and the CV Ministerium.

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Volunteer Opportunities:

We need families to volunteer to “adopt” a family . Some suggestions of what families have done in the past…..you can contact the family, see what their needs are, fellowship with them, meet them for lunch/dinner, supply a meal, buy a Christmas tree, take mom/dad with you to buy gifts, invite them to church, pray with them, or you can remain anonymous and we will make contact and deliver the gifts. The amount of money spent is entirely up to your family. Great for families, church congregations, small groups, business offices, employee enrichment activity. [/box]